The "Dolls" are exquisite little baby faced pups with 'no nose', ink black pigment, ice white silk coats, short backed and cobby and beautiful large expressive eyes that just glisten.

Tearing is slim and none...they range in size from 3-4 lbs and under 5 lbs..(adult weight) ..clients refer to them as the "Southernsilks Doll Collection" as they are indeed precious works of art.

What is desired, in addition of course, to a precious little charming baby doll puppy, is a beautiful, adorable tiny adult and mine are that!! We prefer you pick up your puppy, but we know that this is not always feasible. If we deliver then the pups go by courier and are hand-delivered to you at your nearest major airport. They come to you well on their way to being potty trained, most of their shots and completely vet checked ... they love to cuddle, give kisses and are hand raised from birth in my kitchen ... pups are available until deposit is received..

Southernsilks regular size Maltese puppies, 5-7 lbs adult weight, are adorable the Maltese breed boys out number girls 4 to 1...thus the better price on a boy...not that girls are 'better'...just less of them..and ones that look like mine are even rarer..

Look forward to working with you..Thanks Jeanne

Jeanne Roane

Placed In Forever Homes

These beautiful little exquisite tinies are already placed in their forever homes...just wanted you to see the quality you will be getting with a puppy from the Southernsilks Doll Collection.

Baby Molly Seal

Purse Size Perfection

Purse Size Perfection


Doll of "Dolls"


"Tasha" - female Maltese

Jolie, "Tasha" and Jean Claire

Moms And Dads

Pearl - female Maltese

Chanel - female Maltese

Narae - female Maltese

Gabbe - male Maltese

Tae Wang - male Maltese

Zorro - male Maltese

Louie - Male Maltese

Armani - Louie's Dad

Alfie-6 Months

Sonny - Male Maltese

Affa - Female Maltese