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Jeanne Roane

Jeanne Roane

My name is Jeanne Roane, owner and operator of Southern Silks Puppies. My vision is to breed quality small companion dogs that exude health, beauty and personality. Although we have had many house pets, we always returned to the Maltese and Havanese as the "friend" to share our home. Can truly say, with only a little bit of maintenance, they do not shed or smell "doggie". My children and grandchildren are fellow dogs lovers and thoroughly enjoy spending time and energy with the pups and their care.

ALL of my breeding stock are AKC registered purebred dogs that are prime representatives of their breed. Although my dogs are from the top show lines in the country, as I want the best for my clients, prices are very reasonable and in line with quality pet prices. My litters are carefully planned and I breed only what I can hand raise myself, as quality not quantity is our goal and a loving, forever companion home is our priority. I have been breeding these dogs for over 30 years.

Like most serious responsible breeders, I am continually striving to breed the perfect dog; and yes, I do show. However, even more important, is the passion to provide to dog lovers like myself, a small, healthy, beautiful silky haired, sweet tempered companion to love, cuddle and spoil. After "tossing" around which breed to select, the Maltese or Havanese, I finally decided to have both, as each serves a different need. For families with small children, nothing brings family time more joy than the charming, affectionate and personality of a Havanese. In turn, my little Maltese dolls are so precious, sweet tempered and loving that home would not be a home without one.

As I put much thought into matching each puppy with their new parents preferences, please let me get to know you so we can decide what would be a good fit as to personality, size and temperament. By now, you have begun to realize that this is more than a business to me. It is my desire to share the joy and companionship these small friends have brought into my life with you.

Kristy Heard

Kristy Heard

Hello, I'm Kristen Heard and I started working with the puppies when I was 14 years old. I have always loved working with animals, in particularly dogs. When I graduated high school I started working with the Havanese and Maltese full time as caretaker of both moms and puppies. This has not only been a hobby for me, but also my passion. I recently married and have one boy named James and he loves dogs too!

In 2018 Jeanne asked me to be fulltime breeder/partner of the Havanese puppies under her tutelage. It is my vision to continue the SouthernSilks experience for our clients into the future. We have a quality breeding program that involves well cultivated lines and experienced strategies for producing world class puppies. It has been an honor to work with these great puppies and Jeanne for the past 13 years. In my time working with this fine breed I have developed some training strategies and rearing techniques learned through watching and learning from the dogs to see what works best for them in different situations.

In 2012 I started working towards my NNDDA certification. Jeanne and I operated LAK9 search for a few years before realizing we had time to be breeders or run a detection dog business. We exited this venture after only a few years but it was a tremendous experience in both what we learned and who we met.

Along the way I have learned to identify the different dog temperaments and how to best guide them in being a well behaved pup... AND hopefully match them with a great human partner! Here at Southern Silks Puppies, your puppy buying experience is important to me. I want to be a resource for any and all questions that you might have; both before, and after, you have received your new companion. I care for each one of our pups and the most important thing to me is that they go to a good home and are a successful pet in your care. Please feel free to reach out to me at any point in time in your puppies life. I will do my best to guide you on training, behavior, or whatever the need. Thank you for visiting our site and welcome to the Southern Silks Family.

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Bang - 1st in Class - American Maltese Association/National Specialty

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