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Southern Silks Puppies accepts Puppy Deposits on a first come basis. Each deposit will get the pick of their gender in the litter as the deposits are submitted.

Southern Silks Maltese

Southern Silks Maltese

We do not hold any puppy without a commitment of $200 non-refundable deposit.

If you are unable to take a puppy due to unforeseen circumstances, I will apply that Puppy Deposit toward a future litter.

Your payment is secure with us. We send confirmation of payment with receipt and you can use most major credit cards to make your puppy deposit using our secure PayPal payment form. There are no additional fees for the Deposit amount nor do you need a PayPal account to pay us on this payment form.

Please contact Southern Silks Puppies before making any payments so that we can verify the availability of our puppies.

All Final Payments will accompany HEALTH GUARANTEE CONTRACT. If you are purchasing in person, all paperwork and payments will be made at that time. But if you require your puppy to be delivered to you via airlines, then all paperwork will be completed and PAYMENTS CLEARED (5 business days) before puppy’s delivery date.

Our puppy prices vary dependent on type of dog. Please contact us for more information about our prices.

We would prefer that you come here and pick up your little one. We enjoy meeting the new families our fur babies will be joining and feel it is very beneficial for you to see how your new puppy has been raised. If this is not possible, we offer several methods of transporting your puppy to you for your convenience.

Please understand that we will determine WHEN the time is right for the puppy to transition to it’s new home…We will not release a puppy until we feel he/she is physically able to safely make the transition and providing that all weather and travel conditions are favorable. We want you to be able to receive your puppy just as soon as possible and do apologize if any conditions causes a delay that would not be in the best interest of your puppy.

We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any sale at any time to anyone we don’t believe would be in the best interest of our puppies.

Make Your Deposit Here