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“Tiger” – Red Brindle Havanese

Southern Silks Maltese and Havanese Puppies is a small hobby show breeder of Maltese puppies and Havanese puppies from beautiful southern Louisiana.

Southern Silks Maltese

Southern Silks Maltese

All of Southern Silks Maltese and Havanese breeding stock are AKC registered purebred Havanese dogs and Maltese dogs that are prime representatives of their breed. Our goal is to provide our customers with a loving companion and quality family pet experience. We also do offer top show line quality Havanese puppies and Maltese puppies.

We are serious responsible Havanese and Maltese breeders and are constantly striving to improve our breed quality. Our passion for these wonderful small, healthy, beautiful, silky haired, sweet tempered companions, are to love, cuddle and spoil. We want all their new owners to experience the joy and love our Havanese and Maltese puppies will bring to you and your family.

We look forward in doing business with you in the future and especially showing you our Havanese and Maltese dogs! Be sure to look around our site for more information about these lovely breeds and their origins.

Customer service is a top priority for Southern Silks Maltese and Havanese Puppies. We offer a wealth of information for the Havanese and Maltese lovers of the world! Always feel free to call us at 337-364-9376 or Email Us with any questions you may have about our Havanese or Maltese dogs, puppy contracts, deposits, and appointments.

Bless This Puppy

Bless This Puppy


Bless this frisky puppy

Who’s into everything His playful fresh behavior Is like a day in spring,

Remind me to be patient When he’s chewed another book

Or races through the living room With a newly laundered sock,

He loves without condition Gives me kisses every day

And greets me with a wagging tail After I have been away,

Like any other baby He needs a lot of rest

When he falls asleep curled next to me I know that I am blessed.

Author – Louise Webster

"Monty" the Maltese

“Monty” the Maltese – click on photo to view additional photos of “Monty”

Pronunciation of Maltese

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Pronunciation of Havanese

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